White House extends student loan repayment freeze through August

President Biden on Wednesday extended the pause on federal student loan repayments until August 31, 2022.

Why is this important: The moratorium, which was due to end on May 1, has allowed millions of people to defer their payments during the pandemic.

  • This is the sixth time the loan repayment freeze has been extended since it began in March 2020.

What he says : “This continued pause will help Americans breathe a little easier as we recover and rebuild from the pandemic,” Biden said in a video announcing the decision.

  • “I know people have been hit hard by the pandemic and although we’ve come a long way in the last year, we’re still recovering from the economic crisis it caused.”
  • “This additional time will help borrowers achieve greater financial security and support the Department of Education’s efforts to continue improving student loan programs,” Biden said in a statement.

The big picture: Nearly 37 million borrowers have saved about $195 billion from the moratorium through April 2022, according to a report released last month by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

  • The same report also found that student borrowers who did not benefit from the extended moratorium had 33% higher delinquency rates on other debts (excluding mortgages) than those who did, reports Axios’ Nathan Bomey. .
  • The Biden administration in December extended its moratorium on student loan repayment until May 1, citing the ongoing pandemic.

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Editor’s note: This article has been updated with more details on previous moratorium extensions.

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