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No country for farmers

Buffalo milk is the only source of income for farmers in Kamdi village in Banke. But for six months during the pandemic, they couldn’t sell their milk, and even now they’re not getting a fair price for it.

Farmers bring the rest of their milk to the Dairy Development Corporation collection point, but payment is slow. Local dairies are also buying it to make dairy products, but with the tourism sector consuming most of these products on the decline, milk sales have been at an all-time low.

“We sell milk, but the price is not good. Some days you get the money, other times you don’t. We live in poverty, ”says dairy farmer Ramnaresh Yadav.

Tulsiram Yadav a 13 buffaloes and sold 20 liters of milk per day. “This is what we do, we illiterate people, raise buffaloes, sell milk, there is no other job,” he says. “The milk did not sell well this winter, sometimes even the dairy does not buy and we have no income.

Guide life

Uttara Manandhar used to be a tour guide, but lost her job after tourists stopped coming last year.

“I know many guides who have changed jobs because of the crisis. I started to teach myself. But we still have an attachment to the tourism sector and find it difficult to adapt to other areas, ”she said.

She says she will become a guide again once the tourists return. “Over the past year, I have read and written a lot. I am ready for tourists to come back so that I can share my knowledge with them, ”adds Manandhar.

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