Opportunities in digital asset management services on MERCO bank (staff, company, business, organizations)


The vision of Mercobank is to create a lasting impression in the hearts of many customers, which will be remembered not only for the revolution we created, but also for the way we got here. Since our inception, we have saved millions of dollars in abusive fees for our clients. It’s money in people’s pockets – not in bank safes. We want to be one of the most diverse and inclusive companies in the world, where everyone feels welcome and valued. Our clients and clients have said goodbye to hidden fees, no overdraft, no minimum balance, no monthly fees, no overseas transaction fees.

Imagine a different world, where only your values ​​matter, not the value of your bank account. Merco bank was created to build this world with you, by simplifying your financial life with transparency and security. We dare to be different so that you become the protagonist of your own life. Since day one, it’s always day 1 here.

Merco bank was created to build this world with you, by simplifying your financial life with transparency and security.

We give individuals, businesses, businesses and organizations the opportunity to build better wealth and financing plans. With our combined tools, skills, resources, expertise, collective passion and commitment to innovation, we create a better financial experience to help individuals and businesses do more. We are passionate about helping financial institutions of all sizes, in all industries, across the world, dramatically accelerate their digital transformation.

Our products combine the richest end-to-end packaged country model bank functionality with the most advanced cloud-native, agnostic, AI and API technology, helping our customers live faster, giving them the freedom to innovate and to deliver personalized experiences.

With the largest global community of banks, FinTechs, developers and partners, we are bound by the belief that working together will improve banking.

We specialize in investing in digital assets; our investment management specializes in digital assets. We enable investors to gain exposure to a new asset class through traditional financial products fully integrated with their existing banking setup, now available for purchase at your local bank. We engage personal clients, businesses, businesses and organizations to a new level of asset management experience, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

We provide the best services you need to simplify your daily digital life.

  • A better way to save
  • Bet and share in one account
  • The easiest way to invest in crypto
  • Affiliates and partnerships
  • Financial planning
  • Invest in real estate and much more

Another added value is that we empower clients to take the reins of their financial management and make better financial decisions.

Our loans and crypto loans are extremely simple. You don’t actually need to sell your Crypto. You can use it as collateral for a cryptocurrency-backed loan to pay for your daily expenses or fund more ambitious plans.

Individuals, Companies, Companies, Organizations Loan Opportunities

Our loans are transparent, secure, and the way you want them. A loan that gives you control from start to finish: from simulation to the last payment. No tips, no asterisks. We offer full autonomy and real-time simulation. Our interest rates are tailored to you, they’re fair and personalized to help you make the best choice for your financial life.

Credit card

Bureaucracy costs money. We’re efficient, so you don’t have to pay anything. Our credit cards are free, modern, simple and free. Everything to keep control in your hands. We offer the International Mercobank Mastercard, convenience and security at more than 30 million locations, in addition to the benefits offered by Mastercard.

Advantages and advantages

Save and support

We offer a 401k plan with a competitive match. In addition, we are committed to devoting 1% of Chime’s time to supporting local community organizations.


We keep track of your time with Mercobank and celebrate every milestone along the way – with travel allowances, loot, high-fives, and endless positive energy!

Learn and grow

Register for an online course. Discover this conference. Obtain this certification. All Mercobankers receive a Professional Development Allowance so we can all grow together!

Family affairs

We’re here to help you and your new family every step of the way, with 16 weeks of paid parental leave and our mother’s room on site. We also provide resources to support your search for child care!

TO Mercobank we want to benefit with our members, not them. That’s why our model is not based on an overdraft, monthly service, minimum balance, or other consumption charges. We help drive innovation, inclusion and access across the industry.

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