Mitsubishi Estate Logistics REIT Investment: Notice Regarding a Partial Change to the Investment Guidelines of the Asset Management Company

April 15, 2022

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Notice regarding the partial modification of the investment guidelines of the asset management company

Mitsubishi Estate Logistics REIT Investment Corporation (“MEL”) today announces that its asset management company, Mitsubishi Jisho Investment Advisors, Inc. (“Asset Management Company”), has decided to partially amend the guidelines for investment management company (“Guidelines”), as set out below:


Details and Rationale for Amendments to the Investment Guideline

MEL acquired LOGIPORT Kawasaki Bay (45% co-ownership in trust) and Logicross Atsugi II (total acquisitionprice: 45,838 million yen) (“the acquisitions”) on March 1, 2022. Following the acquisitions, the size of MEL’s assets reached 216.2 billion yen. Since the IPO, MEL had set a medium-term asset size target of 200 billion yen and a long-term target of 300 billion yen. Having reached an asset size of 200 billion yen through acquisitions, MEL is changing the medium-term asset size target set in the guideline to 300 billion yen.

In addition, to maximize value for unitholders, MEL implements sustainability initiatives such as improving environmental consideration, social contributions and corporate governance (” ESG”). In order to further clarify its future ESG initiatives, the Management Company adds the consideration of sustainability to the portfolio construction policy defined in the Directive and also adds a management policy based on sustainability to its operating and management policy. management in the Directive.

The following is a summary of the management policy based on added sustainability.

As part of a management based on a sustainable development policy, the asset management company must take the following measures according to the materiality defined by the MEL.

I. Responding to Climate Change/Improving Portfolio Resilience

We proactively pursue energy efficiency and take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our portfolio by installing and switching to energy efficient products and using renewable energy.

II. Resource saving

We strive to improve water use efficiency and implement 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) waste programs to effectively utilize the limited resources in our portfolio.

III. Improved Health, Safety and Comfort/Improved Tenant Satisfaction

We are implementing disaster preparedness and damage prevention measures in our portfolio and working to increase tenant safety. We promote the improvement of operating methods according to the needs of our tenants, the installation of equipment and improve tenant satisfaction.

IV. Contribution to local communities and establishment of community contribution programs

We strive to build goodwill relationships with external stakeholders, including tenants, property managers and all other actors in the supply chain, as well as with local communities and local governing bodies.


Effective date

April 15, 2022

3. Others

The MEL does not expect the partial modification of the guideline to have an impact.

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