Mark Wahlberg to Produce Documentary Based on ‘Collateral Damage’ Book – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson and Archie Gips’ production company Unrealistic Ideas have acquired the rights to best-selling author Mark Shaw’s non-fiction book, Collateral Damage: The Mysterious Deaths of Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Kilgallen, and Their Connections to Robert Kennedy and the JFK Assassination. Unrealistic Ideas plans to develop the intellectual property into a feature-length documentary.

In his book, Shaw, a renowned historian, former criminal defense attorney, and TV network legal analyst connects the dots between the three 20th-century icons for the first time, finally providing an intriguing, well-researched, and believable account of how Monroe and Kilgallen were deprived of justice when they died mysteriously in the 1960s. Shaw uses new evidence collected from more than 100 primary source witnesses, while also recovering clues from secret government reports and a flawed autopsy to reveal that then-Attorney General Robert Kennedy was the prime suspect in orchestrating Marilyn Monroe’s death.

“If there had not been a cover-up of RFK’s complicity in the murder of Marilyn in 1962 and if he had been prosecuted on the basis of irrefutable evidence at the time, the assassination of JFK by the enemies by Bobby wouldn’t have happened, changing the course of history and preventing the murder of journalist and TV personality Dorothy Kilgallen,” Shaw said. “I am thrilled that my book and my extensive research is the foundation of a captivating and breathtaking documentary film.”

Tom Muschamp is set to direct and edit the documentary, with producing partner Mia Cortez, and will tell much of the story through Kilgallen’s voice, using his writing and Shaw’s research about him in his previous book, The journalist who knew too much as source material, while using the latest technology to create explorable three-dimensional worlds from existing photographs and confusing archival film with modern reconstructions.

“I want to bring this incredible story to life for a new generation that maybe didn’t know much at the time,” Muschamp said. “I believe Mark Shaw’s compelling research may even trigger a reopening of the investigation into Marilyn’s death.”

Among Wahlberg’s documentaries, he was an EP on the HBO docu-series McMillions which received five Emmy nominations and as an EP on the Discovery special The Lost Lincoln.

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