Law And Order: Organized Crime Star Talks ‘Tick Tock’ And ‘Collateral Damage’ En Route In Season 2

Spoilers ahead for the April 7 episode of Law and order: organized crime on NBC, titled “Can’t Knock The Hustle”.

Law and order: organized crime comes back after a few weeks off with an episode that raised the stakes for everyone involved in the investigations of the Marcy Killers and the Brotherhood. For Nova, that meant her brother Derrick made a deal with Preston and Cassandra Webb despite her warnings, and all signs point to the matter getting more complicated going forward. Mykelti Williamson, who plays Preson Webb on Organized crimeopened up to CinemaBlend about his character countdown and what kind of collateral damage the characters might face.

Although the opening scene of Preston Webb’s “Can’t Knock The Hustle” involved shooting and killing two dealers who betrayed him and his organization, much of his time in the episode was spent with his family and his friends. Viewers saw both the killer crime lord and his family-loving philanthropist sides in the span of an hour, and Mykelti Williams helped portray both sides of this character on the hit TV series Dick Wolf. :

When I got the call to come and do the Wolf Company show, I was really excited that we would have the opportunity to show a character who – because nobody’s all good, nobody’s all bad . And so I think it’s important to show that people who are in conflict and who live a life of crime, that they are able to love, to be loved by the people around them, and that they just happen to be involved in bad things. And this particular character, Preston Webb, he and his wife Cassandra are actually on a journey to right the ship. They really don’t want to continue down this path of crime.

Law and order: organized crime entered the Marcy Killers/Brotherhood arc of season 2 shortly after the end of Richard Wheatley’s story, and Preston Webb’s desire to “right ship” and get away from the life of crime certainly sets him apart from the Dylan McDermott character. Webb and Cassandra (played by Jennifer Beals) have a loving marriage and were delighted with the birth of their grandchild, but they are also objectively criminals. Mykelti Williamson went on to say:

They actually want to keep building health centers and schools and different things like that, to pay back society, to pay an atonement for their sins, so to speak. And so the countdown is, will they succeed? Will they be able to turn the tide or have they caused too much collateral damage? And it is the countdown that pushes us towards the end of the season. And so I’m just excited for people to see this unfold with people that they really like, but then they see them do some tough stuff.

Webb ended up with even more blood on his hands in “Can’t Knock The Hustle” when he killed two men, but in the same episode where he and his wife decided to fund a health clinic at a church. after befriending the pastor, who also happens to be Nova’s brother. Actress Nona Parker Johnson has already opened about Nova spending more time with Webb after being promoted in her organization, and revealed that she will be in the Webb family and that fans will see “the effect it has on her and her brother”.

Of course, with Nova warning his brother about the Webbs and their decision to fund a clinic in the same episode where Webb shot two men, I asked Mykelti Williamson if they were sincere in wanting to give back or if they were trying simply to grow the Marcy Killers organization, and he replied:

Yes, absolutely, it is sincere. They really want to give back because they have done so much harm in the world. It’s not like them, but they felt it was the only way out. It’s just interesting to watch good people who make the decision to do a bad thing, or a series of bad things, for a very short period of time, and hope to catch up by doing a tremendous amount of good beyond the redemption themselves.

They certainly have the resources to do a lot of good, but it will take more than money and good intentions to beat the clock and avoid causing more collateral damage. Funding the clinic is a step in the right direction, but will it really do any good if Nova doesn’t necessarily trust them to donate money to her brother’s cause? Is redemption really possible at this point, even if they’re not as selfish as Wheatley or knockout?

Well, there’s no denying that Webb is a dangerous man when he’s not doting on his grandson or spending time with his wife, and I asked Williamson what he thought of the way Webb compares to Richard Wheatley as Season 2’s previous big bad:

I don’t really compare him to anyone else. Wheatley had his own thing, but Webb is 100% ruthless when needed, but he’s never insane. There’s nothing emotional about Webb making the decision to mind his own business. He just knows it has to be done. And you will see in the future, he actually talks about the weight that these things weigh on him. But you have to do them. He never makes an emotional decision to do anything. It’s business.

Webb certainly seems more personally detached from his criminal enterprise compared to his fellows. by Donnelly by Denis Leary and the Brotherhood gang. Whether or not that can hold true for the rest of the season remains to be seen. The NYPD is making progress on the case, and Nova has been in contact with the Marcy organization enough that she has plenty of dirt on them. Then again, her priorities may have to change now that her brother is involved with the Webbs and knows she’s a cop.

All things considered, there’s a lot to look forward to, so be sure to keep logging in to Law and order: organized crime with new episodes Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBCFollowing Law and Order: SVU at 9 p.m. and the original Law and order at 8 p.m. in the 2022 tv program.

All three L&O payments are currently in progress because a third of the the television universe of Dick Wolf in nine showsas well as the three One Chicago series and the three FBIIt’s over on CBS. Organized crime is actually Mykelti Williamson’s second Dick Wolf show, as it had a Memorable Race as Denny Woods on Chicago PD in the fifth season.

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