Former Missouri RB Larry Rountree III will be a ‘huge asset’ for the Chargers offense


Here are some highlights from the conversation.

When Rountree III was selected by the Chargers

“Dude, I was so excited. In our program we talk about chasing two dreams: a life with football and a life outside of football. And these guys have this great God-given ability to play football. this game at a high level and their dream is to play in the NFL, and so for them to have that dream come true at that time, it’s just such a special thing. And not just for him, but for his parents and his support group and our program. We were extremely proud for him, and then you dive into the fit. I think he’s going to be a great fit in LA with this football club and I know that he will team up well with Justin Herbert and the rest of those talented football players that he has out there. But, he will be a great football player for this program for a long time. “

Learn more about the fit for Roundree III in Los Angeles

“… All you’re looking for is an opportunity and what you do with that opportunity is between you and God, and Larry has a tremendous opportunity ahead of him. He’s going to be a tremendous asset to both of that left tackle. [Rashawn Slater] and that Justin take the pressure off them until they have to throw the soccer ball and protect. He’s a guy who can get tough yards. It’s not always pretty when you give him the ball up to the blocking plane, but he’s going to make sure it’s a positive play. And he’s just got a big smile and a big personality, and he’s going to be a great person in the locker room that these guys can lean on. He was voted team captain by his peers for us and just a guy who was a joy to be around. “

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