CoinGeek Backstage: Rachel Wolfson Discusses Media’s Influence on the Digital Asset Market Space

The media are an integral part of our daily lives and have a considerable influence on society. It allows us to be aware of reality, and above all, it brings knowledge on various topics, one of which is Bitcoin technology.

Day 2 of the CoinGeek conference in New York saw a panel of media luminaries talk about the influence of the media on how news reporting affects the digital asset market. One of the panelists was Rachel Wolfson, Cointelegraph journalist, speaker and analyst. Wolfson then joined CoinGeek Backstage Reporter Stephanie Tower to discuss her experience attending the conference for the first time, her journey in the digital asset space, and her thoughts on coverage of the space by mainstream media.

Wolfson began by praising the fact that several companies at the conference are using the BSV blockchain for business. “I focus on the enterprise space, and I was so impressed to see so many companies here at the conference using the BSV blockchain for enterprise use. So for me, it was so educational. It’s been a learning experience, and it’s just wonderful,” she said.

The digital asset sector is not a new industry for Wolfson who has been covering the blockchain and digital currency space since 2017. She started by writing an article for the Huffington Post on how blockchain technology is used for supply chain management. Now, Wolfson said she is focusing on enterprise blockchain and writing a book about it.

“It’s been a long journey. I’ve been covering the blockchain space since 2017. I’ve always been focused on blockchain as a technology, so in 2017 I wrote an article for Huffington Post about blockchain used for supply chain management. Since then I have been sucked into it. I went down the rabbit hole and have been covering company space ever since,” she explained. “I don’t really focus on the markets or breaking news, but like I said, I focus on the business, and there’s so much innovation going on here with the BSV blockchain.”

Wolfson has seen many changes in the blockchain and digital currency industry in his four years of industry coverage. She’s been through the ICO boom and, now, the NFT craze.

“[The NFT craze is] It kinda reminds me of the ICO craze, but I think NFTs are here to stay. Like I said on the panel, I get a ton of press releases, but there are NFT projects that are cool, and I believe they’re going to make a big difference in this space,” he said. she stated. .

Tower went on to ask Wolfson’s opinion on how the mainstream media should cover the industry. Wolfson responded that she believes mainstream and popular media networks like CNBC often repeat history based on the press releases they receive. She also thinks digital currency publications do a better job of spreading industry news, saying:

“I’ve never really read mainstream media news when it comes to crypto and blockchain. I mean, once in a while I read CNBC, but I think the crypto publications do the best when it comes to coverage…I think [the mainstream media are] get the press releases and kind of regurgitate that. And they say, “We look cool because we write about bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain,” but ultimately it’s the outlets that really get those quirky comments.

How should mainstream media improve their education and that of their readers on bitcoin and blockchain? The best solution for Wolfson is to find writers who know the industry well.

“You need someone who has been in the industry for a while and understands the technology. That’s what’s going to make the difference here,” she said.

Before wrapping up the interview, Wolfson shared one particular piece of information that struck her the most about the conference.

“What struck me the most here was, as I said, the enterprise use cases with the BSV blockchain. I was very oblivious to that. Now I’m so excited to have this knowledge because when I write my articles I can contact any of the companies I have come across here. It is not just about Ethereum when it comes to business. There are other blockchains that can handle these enterprise transactions. I think that was the biggest thing for me here at this conference,” she said.

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