Canadian asset managers focus on developing talent and data operations internally, diverging from global peers, new CIBC Mellon research finds

Asset managers leverage the tools, expertise and infrastructure to transform data into actionable insights that can drive investment growth and their investor base.

TORONTO, March 17, 2022 /CNW/ – In a new study of 200 asset managers from Canada and around the world, our global business explores fundamental changes in the asset management industry as institutional investors seek innovation for competitive advantage.

The first installment of “Data Transformation in Asset Management: Canada vs. the World” draws on BNY Mellon’s global insights and local experience to contextualize selected areas where Canadian asset managers are ahead or behind the global consensus in terms of data strategies. .

“Data is increasingly recognized as one of the most important asset classes for institutional investors – as an operational tool, as a source of competitive investment insights, and even as a investable asset in its own right”, Darcie James MaxwellHead of OMNI Digital Services, Canada.

“The remote pandemic environment has redefined the market landscape and accelerated existing trends. Companies will need to rely on functional insights as well as data science techniques to create and proliferate the necessary capabilities,” said Joe LacopoVice President, Relationship Management and Co-Segment Head, Asset Managers.

Download Chapter 1 of the study at Clients can also contact their CIBC Mellon Relationship Manager to learn more or arrange a detailed discussion of the results.

Additional findings include:

  • For Canadian asset managers, the top use cases for deploying data analytics are performance and risk management (55%) and asset selection and allocation (45%).

  • Like their global counterparts, Canadian managers have indicated that they plan to outsource their distribution, but they deviate from the global average when it comes to the appetite for outsourcing their trading activities, which may reflect the view of Canadian companies that their internal trading operations generate value through their internal management. Talent.

  • Across all regions, about half of respondents said the top barriers to managing data are: getting high-quality, real-time data and the difficulty of aggregating it across a fragmented infrastructure to create a single source and centralized.

  • 78% of respondents said they plan to outsource their data operations. However, only about half of Canadian asset managers plan to explore or expand their data operations outsourcing relationships.

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