Arua: Hospital staff arrested for using x-ray equipment as loan collateral

West Nile Regional Police in Arua District have detained three X-ray staff attached to Arua Regional Referral Hospital for allegedly stealing x-ray equipment and using it as collateral while obtaining of a loan.

Components of the digital x-ray machine, which include a full-color HP Silver laptop and a Samsung Galaxy tab phone, were reported to have disappeared under unclear circumstances on Monday.

According to regional police spokesperson, SP Josephine Angucia, a report on this case was made to the CPS in Arua by a certain Onziga Hillary, who is in charge of the tuberculosis service and the X-ray machine of the Arua. Regional Reference Hospital of Arua.

Onziga said he learned of the missing equipment when he showed up at the hospital store ready to sign them to go to the field for normal duty.

He said he followed up with the relevant officer, Abila Billington, who did not explain where said equipment was.

“Police acted by opening a file with Arua CPS/CRB 153/2022, they visited the scene and documented it, recorded relevant witness statements, identified, arrested and detained suspects Abila Billington, Okello Alex and Olul Bernard on 02/08/2022 for investigative purposes, they retrieved and stored the exhibits,” she said.

“Police investigations have revealed that the HP laptop and Samsung Galaxy tablet which were part of the components of the regional referral hospital’s X-ray machine were used to secure a loan of 1.2 million euros contracted by Abila Billington at Furaha Link Ventures LTD. , Branch of Arua,” she added.

However, when clearing the case, police said the suspects would be returned to court for trial as investigations into the case continue.

Angucia revealed that according to investigations, there is laxity and poor management of records on the movement of materials in and out of the hospital as well as laxity in the management of stores.

“Therefore, the police advised the hospital management to improve the keeping of proper records on the movement of hospital equipment in and out as well as the regular supervision of the main stores by the hospital administration,” she said.

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