ADVA offers service programs with repayment periods of up to 60 months

  • Alfi: We have invested in ADVA a six-figure figure in US dollars as a seed fund, seeing it as a real opportunity for collaboration between startups and large financial institutions, which will lead to a significant jump compared to the fintech

Cairo: – ADVA, the leading online service remittance platform in Egypt, has announced the launch of its premium programs which allow customers to access funds of up to one million EGP. The programs, which serve approximately 85% of the target audience, provide customers with various services, in addition to health care, education, and finishing through the payout function.

“ADVA uniquely facilitates lending to a broad section of society, including – but not limited to – those earning a basic and supplementary income, retirees and the self-employed, by financing their basic needs, d “a way that helps improve the quality of their lives. Our service helps customers maintain financial stability through cash management,” said Rania Gaafar, CEO of ADVA. basic services for approximately 50% of its customers in less than 30 minutes.”

Gaafar estimated ADVA’s business volume at EGP 100 million in 2021. “For this year, we expect it to be four times higher than last year,” he said. she noted, elaborating “With our large number of premium service providers and our modern technological methods, we help clients obtain the necessary financing in a simple and easy way.”

For his part, Ahmed El-Alfi, Founder and President of Sawari Ventures, said: “Sawari Ventures is mainly focused on financing start-ups that have already started and have a proven track record, while seeking additional capital to broaden their scope of activity,” he said. “We have invested a six-figure figure in US dollars as seed money in ADVA, seeing this as a real opportunity for startups to collaborate with large financial institutions. This will lead to a significant leap regarding fintech, as a key part of the government’s plan towards digital transformation and financial inclusion.”

Across its portfolio, ADVA is focused on expanding its portfolio with a new installment services package that includes wedding parties, car maintenance, insurance and travel, to meet the needs of its customers.


About ADVA:

Founded in 2020, ADVA has become the first online platform that offers service installments in Egypt. With around sixty employees working under its umbrella, ADVA works above all to finance essential needs in order to offer a better life to all. The platform finances basic services, in addition to education, healthcare and finishing, providing the required credit limit in no time, using an advanced scoring engine . It also helps maintain financial stability through cash management.

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