10 MCU heroes who don’t care about collateral damage


Right now, the MCU has filled its history with plenty of Marvel Comics stellar heroes, of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. The first to appear were the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man, but soon enough more diverse heroes such as the Groot Tree, King T’Challa / Black Panther, Ant-Man, and many more also appeared.

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It’s safe to say that every superhero in the MCU is ready and willing to save the day and fight the forces of evil to the bitter end. But how neat and careful are they when fighting bad guys in the middle of a city or a crowded street? Some heroes take great care to avoid collateral damage, while others either don’t care or even enjoy the carnage around them.

ten Rocket Raccoon loves to blow things up

Many of the Guardians of the Galaxy crew are lovable thugs and misfits, and they rarely fight to defend their home planet or hometown. Instead, they travel all over the universe to have mishaps, and they don’t mind blowing up the landscape on a strange, remote planet.

Rocket Raccoon is a good example of this, who favors chaos and cunning in any mission. Plus, Rocket is rather bitter about his lot in life, and he sees the collateral damage as a way to get revenge on the world that made him. At least that’s a plausible theory.

9 The Incredible Hulk could also be known as the Green Destroyer

The Incredible Hulk is perhaps the very definition of a hero who doesn’t care at all about collateral damage during a good fight. Once Bruce Banner the scientist gets big and green, his mission is to smash all it bothers him and he accumulates hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage.

Luckily, the Hulk is kindhearted and will cause all of this chaos to destroy real evil and preserve world peace and justice, but in the process, he creates countless piles of rubble and piles of wrecked cars. It’s easy to tell when the Hulk has been around lately.

8 The Mighty Thor is a bit reckless

MCU Thor

Thor is the crown prince of Asgard, and he’s known to have many strengths and flaws that balance out well. He is brave but stubborn, powerful but reckless, kind but bossy at times. It is perhaps not surprising to hear that he is ready to cause significant collateral damage while fighting to save the world.

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Thor might be a little more careful when fighting in his beloved homeland of Asgard, but otherwise Thor will use his devastating hammer blows and explosive area-of-effect lightning powers to strike evil no matter what. which it destroys along the way. He has little attachment to Earth except for his associates like Jane Foster, his lover.

7 Ant-Man uses the world around him as a tool

For the most part, Scott Lang / Ant-Man is too small to cause collateral damage, and some of his missions involve stealth and theft rather than carnage and combat. In such operations, it causes almost no collateral damage, but some battles are of a different nature.

During the fight at Liepzig Airport, Ant-Man gladly tore off the wing of a plane to attack the Iron Man team in his giant form, and he would do it again if he had to. He also fell and caused more destruction, and he didn’t feel bad about it at all.

6 Peter Quill will use explosives as a distraction

infinity war star lord

In some ways, Peter Quill / Star-Lord is in a similar position to Ant-Man. By default, Star-Lord is a stealth thief who would rather steal treasures and run away with them rather than fight to the death, but he’s ready to deal damage along the way if he has to.

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Star-Lord is adept at stealth, but if he’s cornered or his foe cannot be defeated by stealth, he’ll happily distract his enemies by blowing up the terrain, and he has little attachment to worlds. that he visits during his adventures. Who cares if an alien city blows up, if that means Star-Lord can escape with his life?

5 Iron Man is known to launch missiles and lasers everywhere

Tony Stark in the Iron Man costume

To some extent, Tony Stark might care about collateral damage, as he is very attached to Earth and its many cities and industries. He’s not like Star-Lord, roaming freely in the expansive universe. But then again, it can be quite chaotic in combat.

As Iron Man, Tony is perfectly willing to blow everything up to destroy his enemies, such as the Chitauri aliens or the robotic drones Vanko sent against him. Moreover, he is fabulously rich; he can just pay the collateral damage anyway.

4 Drax The Destroyer is a miniature Hulk

Dave Bautista as Drax of Guardians of the Galaxy

Drax the Destroyer is like a slightly more tame version of the Hulk in the MCU. He’s not quite as tall or as strong, but wild melee combat is certainly his style for the most part. He also likes to use two knives in combat, or use any variety of high-tech rifles and missile launchers Star-Lord and Gamora can provide him with.

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True to his name, Drax will shoot first and never ask questions, and he thinks the fight is great fun as long as he wins. Like other Guardians, he hardly ever has an attachment to the places he visits, so it’s okay to blow everything up in sight.

3 Bucky Barnes Has Bigger Concerns Than Property Damage

Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, is a tricky case. He was once Steve Rogers’ friend, until he was captured and became the brainwashed Winter Soldier, a weapon for the Soviet Union. But the real Bucky was still there, and Steve Rogers went to great lengths to bring him back to the hero side.

Now, Bucky is a good soldier for good, and he helped defend the borders of Wakanda against Thanos’ army. However, Bucky has been through a lot and minimizing collateral damage is the last thing he thinks of. He will do whatever it takes to win, even collapsing buildings on top of his enemies or blowing up a bridge if it hurts his enemies in some way. In theory, he would do these things and more.

2 Sight can be pretty destructive when it wants to be

MCU Vision

Tony Stark’s AI, named JARVIS, eventually acquired a body of its own. In fact, this body was once meant for Ultron, but now this body belongs to the hero known as Vision. And while Vision is noble, he’s pretty destructive when he wants to be.

Although he supports the Sokovia Accords, Vision is perfectly willing to cause collateral damage in combat, such as when he used his frontal beam during the battle for Liepzig Airport. He’s also ready to throw his enemies straight into walls or cars, and shatter the scenery in the process.

1 Yondu’s style is not about caution

Yondu fights pests

Yondu is a pretty tricky case, as is Bucky Barnes. He was presented as a rogue third party, bordering on wickedness, at first guardians of the galaxy movie, especially since he wanted the Infinity Stone orb for himself. But he’s not exactly mean, despite some of his bad decisions.

Yondu became a true hero within the second Guardians movie, and he gave his life for Peter’s sake. Along the way, Yondu proved that he would use any destructive means to take out his enemies with this arrow, such as when he tore up his own ship to fight off the Ravaging traitors who were loyal to Taser-Face. It turns out that explosions are his style.

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