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You can consolidate a non-bank mortgage with both banking institutions and non-banks.

Basically, consolidating a non-bank mortgage means that the client transfers the mortgage to another bank or non-bank institution before the end of the fixation period. Consolidating a non-bank mortgage can give you much more favorable terms than the original mortgage. You have the option of obtaining a lower interest rate, lower repaymets and also a considerably longer maturity. By consolidating, you can get considerable extra money. This is especially true when the value of a property has risen and you have not been able to use a 100% mortgage. for a critique

Can I consolidate a non-bank mortgage?

Of course, consolidating a non-bank mortgage is possible. Consolidating a non-bank mortgage is exactly the same as that of a bank. You can simply choose another non-bank institution and save a lot of money. The mortgage is in most cases secured by fixation. The classic fixation time is 3 to 5 years. The best option is to find a more advantageous option for a competing non-bank institution at least three months before the end of the fixing period itself. You can then consolidate your mortgage loan easily. With consolidating, the current mortgage costs will be reduced, and the fees for setting up a new contract will be eliminated. Neither is there a need for a new estimate of the property’s price. The most important thing is to find out to which day your mortgage fixation ends. Do not be afraid to approach the specialists in the field, who will be happy to help you even if you refrain from consolidating. Find out which institution will offer you the most advantageous consolidating of a non-bank mortgage .

How to consolidate a non-bank mortgage?

Tell your bank in advance of your consolidating intentions, provided you have a consolidating bank already secured. Also, ask the bank for a transfer to a new bank. Then just need to arrange the necessary documents and boldly do it.

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